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  • PCW Yarn

What is PCW? Process, Uses, and Benefits

The textile industry is rapidly growing, and new products keep coming out each day. As this industry grows, we see new types of cotton, textile, and fabrics coming out. It may surprise you that waste clothes can be useful, and you can convert them into other interesting materials. In most areas around the world, people

What is Tri-Blend Yarn?

Tri-blend yarn is a type of yarn that differs from standard yarn based on production and functionality. The quality, components, and way of making are unique to give the user a luxury experience. Tri-blend yarn combines three yarn types: cotton, polyester, and rayon. This type of yarn combines cotton's softness with polyester's durability and rayon's

  • Twisted yarn

What is Twisted Yarn?

Twisted yarn, also known as double yarn, has two or more strands twisted together to create one piece of thread. In this article, we’ll come to know what twisted yarn is and its production. The term twist should be understood before proceeding towards different types of twist orientation, a number of yarn twists, and the process of yarn

  • Slub Yarn

What is Slub Yarn?

The slub yarn has changed the market of the textile and fashion industry by bringing a revolution in sewing, textile, knitting, and embroidery. These yarns are excellent in length, and its interlocked made of both natural and synthetic fiber. For a detailed understanding of slub yarn, let’s move through the whole article. This yarn is spun to get an

  • PCW Cotton

What is PCW cotton?

In most parts of the world, people tend to throw their clothes when they get old or no longer fit. PCW fabric was introduced and proved immensely influential in tackling this wastage of clothes. PCW or post consumer waste is a type of fabric made through recycling and its also known as PCW Denim Fiber.

  • Open-End Yarn

What is Open-End Yarn?

Open-end yarn is the type of yarn that can be produced without using a spindle. The spindle is one of the core components of yarn making. We get open-end yarn by using a process called open end spinning. And its also known as OE Yarn. Repeatedly drawing a yarn stretched into the rotor produces open-end

  • Neppy Yarn

What is Neppy Yarn?

Neppy Yarns are essential components in the production of knitted and woven fabrics. The feature that makes it different from other yarns is the presence of neps in the yarn, which gives it its strength and elasticity. Neppy yarns should be distinguished from woolen ones since they can be made either of different fibers or

  • Mock twist yarn

What is Mock Twist Yarn?

The reference yarn twisting that happens in the rows of roving and slubbing is known as mock yarn. This provides the impression that the yarn fibers are close together. Many elements have an impact on the yarn's characteristics and twisting. Mock twist yarn rules the yarn industry because of its cost-effective production, and fabric made

  • Melange Yarn

What Is Melange Yarn?

The melange yarn is raw white Cotton or dyed fibers combined with various dyes or fresh white Cotton. Melange yarn may seem like it has a single design, but several types of melange yarn. There are a variety of threads, depending on the process involved. The term melange can describe many colors that are intermingled

  • Heather Grey Yarn

What is Heather Yarn?

Yarn is one of the essential things for knitting. Amongst the great variety of yarns, heather yarn is the one we will learn about today. The right type of yarn makes your final product delicate and unique. What is heather yarn? Let’s find out. Heather Yarn Heather yarn is a unique yarn that is made