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Thick Yarn & Chunky Yarn Manufacturer Supplier Abtex
Thick Yarn & Chunky Yarn Manufacturer Supplier Abtex

Chunky or thick yarn is also one of the many high-quality yarns we offer. Thick yarn is thicker and bulkier than normal yarn and is used in crochet, knitting, or making warm clothes. Our thick yarn has a greater weight and is thicker than usual. Most of the time, a thick yarn like this is used to make winter clothes, shrugs, caps, etc. The raw material is a range of fibers to make bulky yarn, and we made the fiber using multiple resources, including wool, cashmere, acrylic, bamboo, cotton, mohair, and polyester.

Thick and bulky yarn is available in straight and even fibers. These may also have different lengths. Our bulky and thick yarn comes in different shades and colors like any other yarn variety. At the same time, the thick yarn is used in making sweaters, caps, shawls, etc. Some thicker yarns may even be used for making small rugs or throw pillow covers. Customers often use our variety of thick yarn to make blankets, socks, slippers, bags, and even purses. In the case of leftover pieces of thick yarn, you can use it to crochet dog sweaters, placemats, or other smaller items.

Compared to other finer yarns, these are less likely to tangle or snarl but may get twisted if mishandled. So, our thick or bulky yarn is so known because of its thickness and weight. While it isn’t used for simple clothes, it is an ideal form of yarn for crochet and knitting to make winter clothing, mats, rugs, socks, slippers, etc.

Abtex International is a thick and chunky yarn manufacturer and supplier all over the world.

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