Our Quality Control

Quality is the main concern for us. All the exports being made through us are inspected by our quality inspectors who are qualified technical person in their own fields like Spinning and Weaving. All our products are inspected and pre-shipment inspections are provided to the customers for the shipments being made.

If customers have special requirement in terms of packing, quality, etc, the details are followed to make sure customer’s requirement are met.

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    Quality Assurance Quality Control

    Our Quality Control Practice

    We believe in quality and make sure for best quality goods. This is the reason, our customers are comfortable working with us.

    With our integrity, strength and experience, we keep quality as the key focus area in building and sustaining our exports. Delivering quality means safety, environmental protection, reliability and delivering on time.

    Our Response to COVID-19
    The events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve rapidly. Caterpillar’s dedication and service to the safety, health and well-being of our team and the communities they serve remain strong.

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