Abtex International Ltd. is dealing with wide range of fancy yarns. Our range includes a wide range of yarns made from unusual structures, fiber compositions, slub patterns, synthetic fibers as well as various metallic fibers.

We are offering Various Fancy yarns in blend of cotton and polyester. Our company is dealing in fancy yarns for more than 3 years and we are one of the pioneers of Fancy yarns from Pakistan and are exporting all around the globe.

In Fancy yarns, we are doing CVC Siro yarns, Siro Slubs, Injection yarns, Tri-blend yarns, Angelina (lurex) blended yarns, Snow effect yarns, neppy yarns, flourcent yarns, in various blends and effect. We are also dealing with Injection Mélange yarns, Neppy Mélanges, and other similar yarns for fashion industry.

Our customer focused is on knitting industry (circular knits, socks, flat knits and sweater knitting) and our product range caters to almost all of the current fashion trends. Some of our products can also be used in the weaving industry