What is Grey Melange Yarn?

The demand for grey melange yarn is increasing in the denim and knitwear industry as this color is unique and rare. But still, many people are unaware of what grey melange is and its production. When we grow up and start to focus on what we wear, our priority is the color of the denim, and then we look for the best quality grey melange shades.

Among men and women, usually white, black, and grey colors were popular for shirts and t-shirts in the past. It all depends on yarns as a fabric is made by combining different threads or a single type of yarn. Indeed all of us have about most shirts in black, white, and solid colors. But the color that is also found in our collection is solid grey.

This color became popular after World War II and has become the most demanded color and fabric. It is a trending and most encouraging fashion to wear grey fabric made up of grey melange yarn. It is not easy to dye a grey color; therefore, manufacturers blend white and black to ensure a perfect grey color. If we talk about solid grey color on fabric, it is not as attractive, so most people like the fabric made up of grey melange yarn. People prefer this yarn because it is neutral and represents a calm and stable personality, and maintains an aesthetic look. Let’s have a look at what grey melange yarn is.

What is Grey Melange Yarn?

Melange yarn is the most popular yarn among all types of yarns. It is produced by combining two or more fibers of the same kind of same or different colors. It is usually made by mixing colored fibers of cotton and Nylon. We can produce thousands of shades by mixing different ratios of cotton with other fibers. The shade depends upon the percentage of cotton and viscose. Such as

  • 85% cotton + 15% viscose combines to produce dark grey melange)
  • 90% cotton + 10% viscose produce grey melange
  • 95% cotton + 5% viscose produce light grey melange
  • 98% cotton + 2% viscose produce ecru melange

Types of Melange Yarn:

1.   Blended Melange Yarn:

This yarn contains different fibers in a fixed ratio, such as a polyester blend: viscous is about 80:20, polyester and cotton are about 50:50, etc. The cotton portion is taken in the light shade during blending, while viscous is taken in dark shades.

2.   Non‐Blended Melange Yarn:

This yarn contains a blend of single fiber with different colors, so you can get 100% dyed yarn such as 100% bamboo yarn and 100% viscose dyed yarn.

Importance of Melange Yarn:

  • Melange yarn is environment friendly
  • It saves about 50% water during spinning compared to other dyeing yarns.
  • Moreover, it saves energy and protects the environment from emission reduction.
  • It gives a more unique and rich look; therefore, it is getting famous in the fashion industry.

Grey melange yarn is an ideal blend of cotton and viscose with black and white color. There is not a single available color of grey in this yarn, but also you can get different shades that result in unique and attractive fiber colors. Now, its time to choose your favorite shade of gray

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