Heather grey is becoming the most popular color in our fashion industry. People love to wear sweaters and t-shirts of heather grey. All we know is that the manufacturing of fabric the yarn kept a lot of importance; the same is the case with heather grey fabric. Let’s look at what is heather grey yarn and its production.

Our yarn and textile industry plays a significant role in the revolution of the fashion industry. People have changed their lifestyles according to the latest colors and soft muted fabrics. Now they want products with impressive and rich colors that individualize their personality and give them a unique look. These days light and dark grey heather are more famous among people. As for fabric production, yarn is essential; similarly, a heather grey cloth is made up of heather grey yarn.

What is Heather Grey Yarn?

Heather yarn is a soft and muted color obtained by blending different colors to get a unique blend. Heather grey yarn is a mixture of white and black shades in different ratios that determine its colors. The percentage and raw yarn nature depend on color demand, as it can be raw white cotton and black polyester together. The ratio can be 95% white cotton with 5% black polyester or 90% white-colored cotton + 10% black-colored polyester, and so on. To get a new unique grey color that signifies calmness, stability, and aesthetic look.

Usually, white cotton and black polyester are mixed in different ratios in one yarn. The balance of the white and black shades depends on the color demand. If you want to get a light shade, the black polyester will be in a low ratio. These yarns are also called “polyester melange yarns” mixed with cotton melange yarn for better production.

Why Do People Like Heather Grey Fabric?

  • Heather gray fabric is made up of heather grey yarns because it is shrinkage resistant and gives a rich look to the wearer.
  • You can easily wash, clean, and maintain.
  • This interwoven yarn facilitates the wearer with diverse colors and allows them to choose the one that suits them.
  • It gives a stylish, versatile, and individual look to the personality.

Use of Heather Yarn:

  • This yarn is used to make t-shirts, sweaters, and other knitwear and textile industry clothes.
  • The heather fabric is also used to manufacture home pieces like cushions, sofa holsters,

How to Maintain Heather Fabric?

It is recommended to wash heather fabric with cold water and dry them on low heat. However, most materials come with a guide on how to wash them. But usually, it is said if you wash and dry clothes on low heat, you can wear them for a long time.


Heather grey yarn is a combination of black and white colors and gives different shades of gray. Dark and grey shades depend upon the ratio of both colors in the yarn. This yarn is used to produce stylish fabric with a shiny look. You can vary the proportions according to color demand and expected use. We are manufacturer and supplier worldwide.