cotton dyed yarn in different colors

What is Cone Dyed Yarn?

Cone dyed yarn also known as dyed yarn is dyed while it is still wound onto a cone-shaped perforated bobbins. Its commonly used in industrial settings, particularly in textile manufacturing, where large quantities of yarn is needed.

The cone dyeing process involves placing the cones of yarn into a dye bath and then allowing the dye to penetrate the fibers of the yarn. The dye is absorbed more easily by the outer layers of the yarn on the cone, which means that the color is more uniform and consistent throughout the entire length of the yarn.

cone dying yarn process

Cone dyed yarn is known for its vibrant and even coloration, as well as its durability and strength. This makes it a popular choice for a variety of textile applications, including weaving, knitting, and socks.

What is the process of dyed yarn

Dyeing yarn is the process of coloring yarn using different types of dyes to achieve various colors and shades. There are several methods for dyeing yarn, but the most common process involves the following steps:

  1. Preparation: The yarn is first prepared by washing it to remove any dirt, oil, or other impurities that may interfere with the dye absorption.
  2. Dye Selection: The desired dye is chosen based on the type of fiber in the yarn and the desired color.
  3. Dye Bath Preparation: The dye is dissolved in hot water and mixed with various chemicals such as a mordant, fixative, or pH modifier.
  4. Immersion: The yarn is then immersed in the dye bath (Vessels). Then stirred continuously to ensure even dye absorption.
  5. Heating: The dye bath is heated to a specific temperature depending on the type of dye and fiber being dyed. The heat helps the dye penetrate the fibers more effectively.
  6. Rinsing: After the desired color is achieved, the yarn is removed from the dye bath. Then its rinsed thoroughly to remove any excess dye.
  7. Drying: The yarn is then dried using a drying machine.

Moreover, exact process may vary depending on the type of dye used and the desired color and shade. Different types of dyes may require different chemical treatments and dyeing methods.

cotton dyed yarn in different colors

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