Yarn is one of the essential things for knitting. Amongst the great variety of yarns, heather yarn is the one we will learn about today. The right type of yarn makes your final product delicate and unique. What is heather yarn? Let’s find out.

Heather Yarn

Heather yarn is a unique yarn that is made by using pre-dyed fibers. To give a specific look to the yarn, the fibers are blended when making this yarn. For example, white and black can be mixed to create a grey-colored heathered yarn. The fabric made from this type of yarn is known as heather. Heathered yarns have richer colors as a result of color blending. These yarns are also known to have a better texture than a yarn of the same type with just one color.

How is Heather Yarn Made?

In terms of color, Heather yarn may often be lumped with other solid threads because it is hard to tell whether they are solid color or a blend. However, when inspected closely, you can note that these yarns are not a solid color but rather are a blend of colors.

Unlike other semi-solid and solid color yarns, where the dyeing is usually done after the yarn is spun, the creation of heather thread starts with different colored fibers. This means that the fiber is dyed first and then is blended with other colors before being spun. After the fiber is colored, rich color is obtained with combining. This is done by mixing variable amounts of yarns of different colors.

When done on a commercial level, this involves an extra step; therefore, heather yarn takes more work to be made.

Uses of Heather Yarn

Heather fabric is made using heather yarn and is used for different purposes, including clothing and home pieces. The primary use of heather is in making sweaters and sofa upholstery.

Pros and Cons of Heather Yarn

Heather yarn is a suitable yarn choice because of the particular benefits that it offers. Yet its drawbacks cannot be overlooked.

  1. Since heathered yarns blend yarns, they are good at hiding minor imperfections that may occur in stitch work.
  2. The fabric made of this yarn can quickly become smooth with a bit of bulging whenever you wear this material garment.
  3. Heathered yarn is a unique yarn that gives a simple stockinette or garter piece an illusion of adding texture.
  • The stitch definition could be lost when needed based on how much the yarn is heathered.
  • This yarn can be difficult to use in crocheting when working with heavily heathered or dark-colored yarn because it is hard to count stitches.
  • Since this yarn is a blend, late knitting patterns may not be seen clearly.

Therefore, Heather yarn is a special type of yarn used to make heather fabric commonly used in clothing and house upholstery. It is famous for its unique method of making out of pre-dyed fibers, making it an ideal option for people who love to wear versatile colors.