What Is Melange Yarn?

The melange yarn is raw white Cotton or dyed fibers combined with various dyes or fresh white Cotton. Melange yarn may seem like it has a single design, but several types of melange yarn. There are a variety of threads, depending on the process involved.

The term melange can describe many colors that are intermingled together, and the type of yarn that results will depend on melange yarn manufacturing process used in its creation. While the process can vary, the resulting product will have similar characteristics across all yarn types. Melange yarns have become increasingly popular because they are incredibly versatile and make great foundations for any knitting or crochet project.

Types of Melange Yarn

Typically, many Melange Yarns manufacturers are producing to complete consumers’ demands in the market.

  1. Blended Melange Yarn: Composed of different fibers mixed in a definite proportion. For example, Polyester Cotton Blend in 50:50, and some other ratios.
  2. Non-Blended Melange Yarn: They are not dependent on many rations of various kinds but have a composition of different fibers of the same type mixed. For example, Cotton dyed melange.

What Kind of Material is Melange?

The term melange comes from French and means mixture or mingling. In fabric, it refers to any combination of two or more colors, in which case different colors can be mixed evenly across a single piece or appear in a tie-dye-like pattern.

What color is melange? While many yarns incorporate colors into one piece—variegated being a famous example—this isn’t technically melange because someone adds separately variegated means colors after production (usually through dying).

Types of Melange Yarn

There are many types of Melange yarns. They are a mix of super soft fibers, sometimes called hair yarns. They include wool, alpaca, angora rabbit, cashmere and mohair (all sources), silk/cotton/rayon blends, silk/cotton blends that are also categorized as hair fibers. Threads mix to roll with it melange yarn to form different patterns.

The meaning of the term melange is a mixture, which describes these luxury yarns quite well. The additional fibers used for melange are a testament to craftsmanship at its finest because of its textured look. However, the perfect blend of different fibers and dyes makes it an ideal yarn for the fashion industry. This is mainly used in the industry of knitwear and to make denim fabric.

The irresistible texture of denim comes because of the blending of white and any dyed fiber according to customer demands. The major colors used in this industry are black blue and gray.


Melange yarn is used to make the fabric for the fashion industry because of its versatile look. But before buying a melange yarn make sure that it is real. The texture of melange yarn comes because of different colored fibers, mixing during production. If the manufacturers dye the yarn after production, then this is fake melange yarn.

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