The slub yarn has changed the market of the textile and fashion industry by bringing a revolution in sewing, textile, knitting, and embroidery. These yarns are excellent in length, and its interlocked made of both natural and synthetic fiber. For a detailed understanding of slub yarn, let’s move through the whole article.

This yarn is spun to get an irregular shape in length and diameter. The slub yarns are made from light knots, giving a thick appearance or raised threads on the fabric’s surface. These outer growths on the surface of the cloth give the dress a unique look. In the past, the slub yarn pattern was taken as a fault or mistake. However, these days it has become trendy in clothes. The pattern is considered to produce a special 3D effect on the fabric. The special properties of slub yarn are that you can use it for different purposes.

Manufacturing of Slub Yarn

The slub yarn is made up of natural fiber cotton and synthetic fiber. The natural fiber used is cotton, and synthetic fiber is called polypropylene and Olefin. Furthermore, manufacturing process involves the application of carding, spinning, and twisting. These processes convert these raw materials into the production of slub yarn. Later on, these slub yarns are woven into a pattern used to make clothing and other items. We our yarn manufacturer and supplier.

Properties of Slub Yarn

The slub yarn has outstanding tensile strength, which is why it can withstand scratch. Also, it didn’t get damaged quickly because the fibers with few injected yarns are present. They are resistant to shrinking and are durable in nature. Slub yarn is a very cost-effective option and readily available to use.

Ground Slub Yarn

This type of yarn is available in both fancy and plain textures, as they attract viewers due to its appearance. In the ground slub, you will see the difference in the density of linear yarn during the process of spinning. It has two portions, and it comes out of a single assembly. One part is named as slub part, and the other is the base yam part. The slub yarns calculation is done by the mathematically proved method that gives out the correct number of slub yarns.

Types of Slub Yarns

The slub yarn is classified into two types depending on its length and thickness. The following are the two types of slub yarns:

1.   Multi-Count Yarn

In this type, the number of threads changes while the twists count remains constant. It results in the production of different products in the spinning process and produces good color combinations.

2.   Multi-Twist Yarn

In the multi twist yarn procedure, the number of twists changes, and the number of threads remains unchanged. The multi twist yarn produces different textures and colors in the fabric.

Slub yarns have bits of color throughout the fiber length rather than being smooth and consistent from end to end. Variations in the thickness of the strands that make up the yarn cause inconsistencies, leading to knits with exciting textures and patterns. You can use slub yarn for several purposes, such as in the fashion industry, readymade clothes, quality shirts, woolen industry for knitting, handicraft, and home textiles.