Importance of Slub yarns

When it comes to work which is related to textile,
embroidery, sewing, knitting and the trending fashion industry, the most
critical device, which is responsible for changing the fashion market for many
years, is the ever famous Slub Yarn. Although the yarn is a lengthened
intertwined fiber, which is produced out of both synthetic and natural fibers,
the use of slub yarns can even make fiber of whatever kind they like. We owe to
the fact of our ever-evolving and latest technology, which is successfully
bringing revolution to the industry, many yarns’ manufacturers all across the
world export machines for the same use to various geographic locations.

What’s a slub yarn?

Something with is interlocked or spun purposely to
achieve an irregular or indefinite shape is slub yarns. This process was once a
defect, but now slub yarn is intentionally produced to enhance
the fabric’s personality. Keeping in mind that the slub doesn’t last for a longer
time, this is mainly because the entire process is pretty rough while it is
being created.

How are slub yarns affected?

The four factors that leave an impact on their
visual effect are:

  • NSm – No. of slubs per km
  • Diameter of slub
  • Length of slub
  • Distance between slubs

These parameters are chosen automatically by the computer and for this purpose, a slub vision software is used. The slub eyelash yarn and the slub yarn products are greatly used in our market.

Types of slub yarn:

Based on the visual effect, the four types of slub
yarn are:

  1. Regular
    / pattern slub yarn
  2. Irregular
    / Non-pattern slub yarn
  3. Multicount
    slub yarn
  4. Both
    – non-pattern and pattern slub yarn

h3>How is slub yarn produced in the ring

There’s a servo motor involving a slub and a twist
gear in the slub yarn’s ring frame. The rollers at the back and middle get the speed
and start moving from the same gears while the front rollers obtain motion from
an unattached gearing. The variation in the speed of both the back and middle
rollers produced the slub. The break draft has to be maintained properly every
time as once you have started your job, it’s better to finish it properly as
well. If you don’t take care of its maintenance, a roving breakage will hence
be formed. The speed of the back roller then increases continuously after some
time which results in more material to be fed. Whereas, within that time, the
draft which the front zone carries remains constant. So a much thicker place in
the resultant yarn will be formed after a particular time. The controller is
held responsible for controlling the following aspects:

  • How much time it will take in milliseconds
    for the back roller’s speed to increase.
  • For how long the increased speed will be
  • The amount of speed needed to be

You should know that when the twist gear is not
being utilized, the speed that the front roller gives is fixed. So, this tells
us that the twist gear is not mandatory but optional. The twist is actually
controlled by altering the speed given by the front roller.

Suppliers of the popular slub yarn:

Companies that supply an immense amount of slub yarn

  • Amsler in Germany
  • Jiangyin CF Tex Tech Co Ltd in China
  • Pinter in Spain
  • Slub-O-Generator of Fancytex in Gwalior,
  • Caipi in Italy, etc.

Some manufacturers of ring frames are supplying such
ring frame machines that have inbuilt mechanisms incorporated in them for
multicount and slub yarns. Some famous machine manufacturers are as follows:

  • Zinser in Germany
  • Toyota in Japan
  • Marzoli in Italy, etc.

When we talk about producing slub yarns in a rotor,
the rotor spins and slub is produced with the help of the variation in the speed
of the feed roller. When the speed of the feed roller is increased, the above
feed comes forth resulting in the production of a slub.

Properties of Slub yarn:

Slub yarns have flexible properties and have
abrasive resistance which not just depends on the entire process but also
greatly on the slub parameter. These slub yarns are also sensitive to damage
when they are being used because of the inability to migrate the fibers present
in the base as well as the injected yarns. In spite of all the properties that
slub yarns carry, they are very tensile.

A very fancy yet simple type of yarn is a ground slub yarn. Its appearance is obtained due to the variation that comes in the density of the linear yarn while the complete spinning process takes place. It’s not easy to create a ground slub yarn – it is produced out of a separate structure that eventually consists of two parts. These two parts are base yarn part and slub part. Where there are methods for the calculation of slub yarns, these calculations have also been proved mathematically. The mathematical calculations successfully give out the accurate number of the produced slub yarns.

The different types of slub yarns

When we talk about the distinctive types of slub
yarns, they depend largely on their length and thickness. They can be divided
into two main types. You can find some details about the following varieties

  1. Multi-twist
    In this classification of slub yarns, the count of
    yarns does not change, but the times that a twist takes turn changes. Due to
    this variation, a different texture can be seen in the eyelash yarn and the
    slub yarn fabric and the color also gets affected and changed.
  2. Multicount
    When we discuss this type of yarn, the number of
    changes in thread takes place several times while the twists are not altered.
    This also leads to the variation in spinning in the fabric that gives an
    amazing color combination to the yarn and then its fabric and the slub yarns
    product made from the slub thread turns out to look even more beautiful!

Manufacturers and suppliers:

There are several providers and manufacturers of
slub yarns as it is a product that is trending lately. In the age of
modernization, where technology has not just become advanced but increasingly
crucial to our lives as well, combed slubs are available in our market that you
get easily. It makes a person go through a hassle-free and convenient
fabrication process. They are not much durable but last for a better time, have
shrinking resistance when it comes to their nature and how can we forget –
their looks are worth appreciating for! These reasonable prices are pretty
accommodating and it’s good for us, we can buy and use them as much as we want.
However, the quality may differ as different manufacturers produce different
kinds of yarns. Some may promise you a high-quality while some can scam you in
the face of a top-quality, who knows? So, what you should do is – you should
always compare the prices of the yarns of different manufacturers before you
start purchasing them.

Whether you are setting up a parachute, a dress, or
making your business boom, having a slub yarn is always an awesome idea!

End-uses of slub yarn:

The end uses that slub yarns bring are incredibly fine. We can use them in our traditional fabrics or clothes such as lace, upholstery, household fabrics, or curtains, etc. But they are becoming more famous in the creation of denim on shirting, knitwear, and ring spinning.

You can also check the details for slub yarns
products on Amazon and even check out the related videos if you wish to. You
will be amazed to see how different brands have marketed their products. For
sure, there’s time, dedication, and hard work instilled in the heart and minds
of the manufacturers as they supervise the machines with which the slub goes
through. It’s not an easy task to look for intricacies and make sure that the
entire process goes smoothly. The colors of such products can make your heart
melt whether you love bright or pastel colors. If you have a thing for knitted
yarns or different types of denims, these slub yarns are made for you and you
should definitely check them out whenever you hit the market.


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Slub yarn means the yarn which is spun with Slubs – thick and thin in the yarn. The slub yarn is used in Weaving, as well as Knitting. The yarn is made with regular patterns or irregular patterns.

Slub is very common in Denim.

In Knits, Slub is a fashion product. The yarn can be made in 100% cotton as well as polycotton.

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