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A Beginner’s Guide To PFD Fabric

After weaving & washing, natural cotton takes on an off-white hue like a pale ecru or cream. Once the cloth is ready to be dyed, it is sent directly to the dyer. Once bleached and washed, it is typically treated with optical whiteners and washed again if it is to be marketed as "white" clothes

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What Is Pocketing Fabric – A Complete User Guide

Pocketing fabric - often referred to as Silesia - is a durable, thin, and finely woven fabric with various typical applications. When a garment needs a bit more body than a fashion fabric can supply, it is typically utilized as flat-lining or even underlining in the concealed portion of the pocket. As important as the

Best Quality Martial Arts Fabric

Martial art is the system of coded tradition and style of practicing self-defense and other sources of defense mechanism. Specific style is owned for practicing the martial arts including the fabric material which also tend to own its style. And the martial arts fabric is designed specifically with unique style for the practicing purpose. Different