When it comes to textile production, the type of yarn used can make a significant difference in the quality and durability of the finished product. 100% cotton carded yarn is a popular choice for many textile applications due to its unique properties. In this article, we will discuss what carded cotton yarn is, its benefits, and how it compares to combed cotton yarn.

What is 100% Cotton Carded Yarn?

Carded cotton yarn is made from 100% cotton fibers that are carded, or brushed, to remove impurities and align the fibers. The carding process results in a less uniform texture than combed cotton yarn, which can give fabrics made with carded yarn a more natural, rustic appearance.

Why is Carded Cotton Yarn Important?

100% Cottoned carded yarn is important for several reasons. Firstly, it is a cost-effective alternative to combed cotton yarn. Additionally, carded cotton yarn is more breathable than synthetic alternatives, making it a comfortable choice for clothing or bedding. Finally, carded cotton yarn can be used to create fabrics with a more natural look and feel.

Benefits of 100% Cotton Carded Yarn

  1. Cost-Effective – Compared to combed cotton yarn, carded cotton yarn is more affordable, making it a great option for larger scale production.
  2. Breathability – Cotton is known for its breathability, and carded cotton yarn is no exception. This makes it a great choice for clothing or bedding.
  3. Natural Look and Feel – The less uniform texture of carded cotton yarn gives fabrics a more natural and rustic appearance.
  4. Versatility – Carded cotton yarn can be used for a variety of textile applications, including clothing, bedding, and towels.

Comparison between Carded and Combed Cotton Yarn

While both carded and combed cotton yarn are made from 100% cotton fibers, there are some key differences between the two. 100% cotton combed yarn undergoes an additional combing process that removes shorter fibers and impurities, resulting in a smoother & uniform yarn. This process makes combed cotton yarn more expensive and better suited for high-end textiles, such as fine linens and clothing.

In contrast, carded cotton yarn is less expensive and has a more natural, rustic appearance due to its less uniform texture. It is well-suited for a range of textile applications, including more casual clothing and bedding.


In summary, 100% cotton carded yarn is a versatile and cost-effective choice for many textile applications. Its unique texture gives fabrics a natural and rustic appearance, and it is more breathable than synthetic alternatives. While combed cotton yarn is better suited for high-end textiles, carded yarn is a great choice for reduced costs. Consider using 100% cotton carded yarn for your next textile project and experience its many benefits for yourself.


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