100% Cotton combed Yarn
100% Cotton combed Yarn

100% combed cotton yarn is a type of yarn that is made from combed cotton fibers. The term “combed” refers to the process of preparing the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn.


During the combing process, the cotton fibers are passed through fine-toothed combs to remove impurities, short fibers, and any remaining debris. This results in a smoother and more uniform yarn with a higher quality compared to carded cotton yarn, which is made without the combing step.


Combing cotton fibers aligns them in a parallel fashion, removing the shorter and weaker fibers that can cause the yarn to be less durable and prone to pilling. The process also helps to remove any remaining seeds, leaves, or other foreign matter that may be present in the cotton.


Its known for its softness, strength, and ability to retain shape well. It is often used in the production of high-quality fabrics, such as fine garments, bed linens, towels, shirts, and other garments that require a smooth and luxurious feel. You can learn benefits of 100% cotton combed yarn here


As a supplier of 100% cotton combed yarn, we provide yarn that meets the Uster standards. Should you have any specific quality requirements, we ensure to accommodate them during the production process

Our main focus is on ensuring quality, competitive pricing, and timely shipment. Please refer to the following information to see the range of counts we offer for 100% cotton combed yarn.

Combed Cotton Yarn Count range:

  • Combed Yarns: Ne 4s to Ne 120s

Combed Cotton Yarn Packing:

  • Carton Packing
  • PP Bag packing
  • Pallet Packing
  • Customer’s marked packing is also available in Carton, PP or Pallet as per requirement

At Abtex, we understand how crucial timely shipments are therefore we have a dedicated department for shipment planning to ensure that all goods are shipped timely, ensuring smooth supply chain for our customers.

Recognizing the critical importance of timely shipments, Abtex has established a dedicated department for shipment planning. This department ensures that all goods are dispatched promptly, thus ensuring a seamless supply chain for our valued customers.

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