100% Cotton Carded Yarn
100% Cotton Carded Yarn

Carded cotton yarn consists of 100% cotton fibers that undergo a carding process, which involves brushing to eliminate impurities and align the fibers. As a result of the carding process, fabrics created with carded cotton yarn exhibit a more natural and rustic appearance due to the slightly less uniform texture compared to combed cotton yarn.


There are several key reasons why carded cotton yarn holds significance. Firstly, it presents a cost-effective option compared to combed cotton yarn, rendering it well-suited for extensive textile manufacturing.


Moreover, carded cotton yarn surpasses synthetic alternatives in terms of breathability, ensuring a comfortable selection for clothing or bedding purposes. Lastly, the utilization of carded cotton yarn allows for the creation of fabrics that possess an appealingly natural appearance and texture, catering to specific preferences and applications


Being a carded yarn supplier, we offer the yarn matching the Uster standards. If there is any special quality requirement, we manage the same in the production.


Quality, pricing & timely shipment is our core focus. Check below details to see counts we offer for 100% cotton carded yarn.

Carded Cotton Yarn Count range:

  • Carded Yarns: Ne 4s to Ne 42s

Carded Cotton Yarn Packing:

  • Carton Packing
  • PP Bag packing
  • Pallet Packing
  • Customer’s marked packing is also available in Carton, PP or Pallet as per requirement

At Abtex, we understand how crucial timely shipments are therefore we have a dedicated department for shipment planning to ensure that all goods are shipped timely, ensuring smooth supply chain for our customers.


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