Textile industry is facing more and more improvisation in the fabrication and yarn development. With respect to the yarn twisting methodology involved in yarn, new inventions including apparatus and the method of handling are dealt in detail over internet. Generally, it is important to know what mock twist yarn is. How it is influenced in textile industry?

What replaces the mock twist yarn in the place of true yarn? These are some valuable questions arise and that are necessarily need to solved out. Mock twist yarn is the reference yarn twisting that occurs in the rows of roving and slubbing. This gives an appearance of closeness of the fiber of yarn in particular. However, many factors are influencing the properties of the yarn and its twisting. It is completely depend on the twist in turns per inch which will influence the rigidity of the fiber of yarn. Much more the twist subjected to the fibers of yarn more and more harder will be the yarn thread looks. If not done so then the yarn thread will appear to be flexible. Twist technology is playing good part in the textile industry and the same is influencing even the mock yarn look alike the true ones.

Effects of twists in yarn

To have a well twisted yarn is the ultimate aim or goal of improved fabric. Influence of twisting in yarn spun will have following features that make the fabric more rigidity. Some of the advantages with increased twist of yarns include,

• Handle
• moisture absorption
• Wearing properties.

The above said factors are over helmed while increasing the number of turns and twists. The increasing twists of the yarn will favor the rigidity in the yarn and lead to firm and tight alignment of the same. Thus the fabric gains more rigidity with tight woven yarns. The increasing twist will decrease the diameter of the yarn which in turn prevents the absorption of water by the fabric. The tight alignment of every yarn fiber gives the better wearing properties of improved abrasion and piling properties. This in turn will reduce absorption of water by the fabric and prevents easy tear off of the same.

The effect of twist is much encouraged to get an improved and high rigid fabric material. Whereas in case of mock twist yarn the piling of fibers are prevented twisting technology and resolution of yarns used. There are many factors favoring the genuineness of the yarn that are subjected to ensure safe twist enrolled with. But with the mock twisting, the performance is initiated by suitable apparatus which facilitates compacting or condensing the yarn and subject to the drafting frame where it is drafted. Finally, the yarn is subjected to spinning machine which gives the mock twist yarn. Thus the effects of twist are dealt elaborately to know more about the artificial twisting yarns. Textile industry is influencing the effects of twists in producing the mock yarns.

Apparatus for mock twist yarn

The perfect definition of mock twist yarn is facilitated by the suitable apparatus invented for. With reference to the compacting and condensing roving and slubbing unit and the drafting frame the mock twist yarn is woven better. The invention for the yarn twisting apparatus is facilitated to ensure and enhance the artificial twisted yarns in the textile industry. Leading textile spinning mills are undertaking utility of such methods or apparatus to accelerate mock twist yarn. The objective thought of invention followed by the background for the same are intervene by the experts. With the help of which the true meaning of mock twist yarn is read out.

The mock twist yarn is nothing but exactly appearing closest to the real or the true yarn which acquires the similar properties. The fabric woven out of this mock yarn is comprises of more rigidity and out performances giving firm grip in handling. Less absorption of water is accumulated with this rigidity.

Differentiation of components

However the mock twist yarn resembles the true yarn in all aspects, the true yarn is able to discern the components of the twist but in case of mock twist yarn it is impossible to separate the components of the twist once they are twisted in the spinning machine. The absolute efficiency of the spinning thread lies with the process of separation of the components which is accelerated with the true yarn and perhaps not possible with the mock twist yarn. Technically improved methods are being followed to facilitate the separation of the components of the spinning thread. This is proven by new improved versions of apparatus which ensures the visibility of the twist for the mock yarn followed by the separation of the components whenever necessary.

Former and later invention of mock yarns

The textile industry is very familiar with the term ‘’mock yarn’’ that resembles the true yarn in all aspects. But in the case of the earlier mock yarn, the untwisted roving or slubbing will give the resultant twisted or common mock twist yarn which is partially or completely twisted along with each other thereby giving rise to what is called the new era mock twist yarn. In this type of yarns, just like the true yarn the mock yarn will also remain same in the pair of rovings or slubbings. Textile industry is, now, using the latest version of what is mock twist yarn and with the help of which the completely blended filaments or yarns are threaded into.

The above explanation paves way to the invention of current form of mock twist yarn which is flying colors in weaving fabrics that are made as state of art type of fabrication. Leading textile industries are using the full fill definition of mock twist yarn in weaving the first quality fabrics. And this type of woven fabrics are gaining high grade of quality with unique qualities. Abstract of the invention will lead the reader to conclude what is mock twist yarn actually about?

Beyond the invention of the mock twist yarn, other important factors like properties, rigidity and the durability of the particular yarn is grasping more attention among the customers and let them to opt for the mock twist yarn instead the true yarn.

Properties of mock twist yarn

Lot and lots of information is there to deal or to know about the mock twist yarn. One of the important properties is that it’s twisting factor. There are various twisting styles of twisting followed in aggravating the mock twist yarn. They are style ‘’S’’ and the twist style ‘’z’’. It is the twist pattern that deserves the effective weaving of the fabric. This twisting pattern is ought to be the most important properties for the mock twist yarn.

As per the twisting theory, initial twist of the individual strands will be right handed twill or the ‘’s’’ twist style. Followed by the final twist of the yarn is twisted in the anti clockwise direction or the left handed twill, i.e. the ‘’z’’ twist. This is favored for all types of sewing, knitting, embroidery machines for home machines or industrial or other long arm machines, besides.

Misunderstand of terminologies

Usually, the ‘s’ and the ‘z’ twist are denoted as the left or right handed twist by some other people but for their concern it is better to identify the terminologies in the accurate or specification as ‘’S’’ or ‘’Z’’ twists. The colloquial terminologies is not the correct format of mentioning the twisting patterns so as to mention twist pattern, it is better to denote them as per authorized terminologies.

Coming back to the twist patterns of the mock twist yarn the correct format is yet to follow the firm and rigid fabrication as resultant product. That is the initial strands are twisted in the right handed twill to give rise to ‘’S’’ twist filaments followed by which the anti clockwise rotation or twist i.e. the ‘’Z’’ twist is carried out for giving rise to the final yarn or thread to spun fabric. Those fabrics weave in this pattern of twisting will alone give back the tighten product or else the loosen fabrics results if the opposite twisting pattern is followed.

Exceptional cases rationally

However, the out framed twist patterns are known to follow in weaving the yarn or filaments some patterns are being followed in opposite direction as following the ‘’Z’’ twist for initial strands which lead to the ‘’S’’ twist pattern to give a finished product of mock twist yarn spun thread. However, this type of weaving pattern is irrational and not known to perform often. With further sewing upon using this type of thread may lead to loosening of fabric instead tightening.

Clear depiction of ‘’S’’ twist and the ‘’Z’’ twist patterns is given by the leading experts online with the help of which the novices or the beginners can learn through all about the definition of mock twist yarn and the importance of following the patterns, rationally.

Importance of twisting

It is very important to learn the effects of twisting in the yarn spinning technology. The experts admits the fact that more tightly twisted threads offers stronger and smoother surface that yields very high quality of the product. If not the thread is twisted to that much of twists then only loosen or rough surfaced products is result which is of not that much quality. Top ranking spinning industries are following to undergo very tightly and closely twisted mock twist yarn which is more likely presents the very high quality to the thread. Specifically, for this purpose the upgraded invention of the machinery is used that is lending the tight and close twist to the yarn or filaments to spinning. This helps the manufacturer to gain the exact mock twist yarn that is what actually needed.

Many calculations are deriving the fact that thread or yarn subjected to more twist and turns are occupying less space and intervening quality that adhere. Those threads that are smoother with less or limited length are known to undergo more twist patterns while weaving. This will fortunately increase the quality of the thread, in turn.

Online source about twists

Readers can gain more information online which will lend details about the twist patterns that is followed in mock twist yarn spinning. Sources are plenty online that supports the beginners to undergo the best practice of twisting in great number of times. The learning weavers can easily learn from online source that the increasing twisting technique will gradually increase the quality and the length of the thread as the final product.

It is now possible to view the feedback provided by the leading spinning industries which may share the experience of twisting patterns in thread spinning. Readers can go through the website once or twice to get a clear idea about spinning a thread for weaving fabrics. Irrespective of the machinery either the sewing or knitting or embroidery machines applicable for home utility or industrial or long arm purposes, the mock twist yarn is highly applicable in all means. The exact meaning of mock twist yarn is read out from the online source of yarning and assistance.

Prominence of yarn

Another important factor that stands behind the twist is the prominence or the outlook of the yarn while undergoing the twist and twill patterns. It is clearly stated that the ‘’S’’ twist is to the right side whereas the ‘’Z’’ twist is to the left side of the twist patterns. Whereas the twill patterns are quite opposite to the twist in which the left handed ‘’s’’ twill or the right handed ‘’z’’ twill is followed in the weaving pattern. The direction of the twill when runs opposite to the direction of the twist that will give an increasing prominence for the yarn. Elsewhere the twill and twist runs in the same direction that may lead to decreasing prominence of the yarn. This is well explained by insisting the named patterns as follows.

The increasing prominence of the twill is achieved when the direction of the yarn twist is in opposite direction where as the decreasing prominence is resulted when the direction of the yarn twist is in same direction. Many images are illustrating prominence of the twill with respect to the twist patterns. That is when the ‘’S’’ twist with ‘’Z’’ twill yarn or the ‘’Z’’ twist with ‘’S’’ twill yarn gives the increasing prominence rather the similar twill and twist yarns. To enhance the prominent outlook of the fabric, the reverse process of twist and twill turns are exercised and followed.

Accessories and utensils to spinning

To ensure the successful spinning or sewing experience, it is essential to use the authenticated or calibrated accessories for experiencing the industrial fabrics. Many leading companies are providing the sew bond or sew soft polyester fabrics that is well suited for industrial sewing process. With the use of these fabrics, many industrial sewing processes are carried out. The materials or the thread are available in both twists such as ‘’s’’ twist or ‘’z’’ twist patterns and are available in black and white and vibrant colors to choose from.

Prewound bobbins

The successive sized bobbins of varying styles and sizes are available for industrial sewing to be effected and the cost of the bobbins are completely affordable to buy online. With the help of the related accessories and materials the execution of the mock twist yarn is achieved successfully. The exact meaning of mock twist yarn is get known with the industrial sewing process and in some of the home machines applicable for sewing. The excellence of the bobbins is experienced in sewing the fabric in the machines. Sewing threads of attractive colors are ready to shop for at affordable cost from the leading industrial weavers.

Specification for quality

It is necessary for the mock twist yarn to achieve certain qualities for its chances of buying online for weaving the fabric. ISO certification, UV resistant and complies with certain other factors are essential to achieve the specification for buying.

Fabric material and its effect in twist

The material of the fabric influences much the twist pattern to execute. It is better to compare the cotton and wool material for its twist pattern exercised. Though cotton is much recommended for weaving or to undergo the twist pattern where as the wool running fabrication will enable the high degree of insulation, absorption and so other properties. Leaving the fabric well suited to wear.

For instance, cotton running socks may go wet due to absorption of sweat whereas the wool running socks may not turn wet as it is enhancing breathing and wick away the sweat, forever. Thus, the fabric material plays vitally in the effects of twist which in turn gives the good looking and prominent yarn woven. Despite of the material required, the yarning process is carried out eccentrically daring at fine embellishments in it.

Outlook of the mock twist yarn

As far as the mock twist yarn is concerned, it is widely used for industrial sewing purpose alone. However, the true yarn is blended along with the mock yarn which is woven together to give an elusive outlook. Beyond the mock twist yarn, sarcastically rule out the yarning industry, there are some other yarn trending hot limes and find illustrative place in the weaving sector. With the extensive classification of yarn categories, there are some other yarn types finding an exclusive place in the fashion world.

The effect of the mock twist yarn is influencing more and more to weave the actual blend of fabric which alone makes the fancy fashion technology. But the other adorable yarning techniques are now in use to give out featuring outcome with twisting and yarning world.

On the whole seeing, definition of mock twist yarn is stated as the closer view of the true yarn which includes the downstream of condensed individual rovings imparted to twist and following to give a condensing slubbings and mock yarn which is highly efficient to the earlier category of mock yarn. This mock yarn is subjected to sewing processes which indulge the twist patterns to follow.

Uses of yarn fibers

The yarn fibers are finding its use in various weaving process. Similar to the true yarn, the mock twist yarn is also gaining equal importance and finds its use in different fields. The yarn fibers are made out of the wool, fleece, silk, and cotton, linen and rayon fabrics. The utility of the mock twist yarn in the above said fabrics are extensive which gives the uniform blending of twist and twills for prominence. The ladies and gents outfits, men’s jackets and knitting clothes are woven finely with the aid of mock twist yarn. Early days yarn twist are made out of true yarns which is now replaced with the mock twist yarn that gives similar resemblances and make the weaving fine and grip with high quality.

Occurrence of yarn around

There is various yarn categories available around the world which favors different sought of utility with the yarn spinning. Occurrence of yarn categories helps to utilize the same for various purposes. In which the mock twist yarn find indispensable place for fabrication. Leading manufacturing companies are providing the different types of yarn categories like polyester yarn, cotton twist yarn. Silk yarn, coir yarn, dyed yarn, polyester textured yarn are some of the yarn varieties that are finding its uses. Mock twist yarn is one such yarn that is blended in all the above yarn categories. Perfect co-ordination is recommended for blending the twist and twill patterns of the mock twist yarn. With the help of twist alone the reader able to know what is a mock twist yarn and how does it works in weaving industry.


The conclusion is the final destiny of the article from which the reader can get an idea of what is about the article was? The exact definition of mock twist yarn is ruled out in the article. With the help of definition, the readers can focus their view regarding mock yarn. The clear view of the twist patterns are dealt in brief note which enables the beginners to study how to carry out the yarning in the warp or the weft.