Poly Cotton Yarn:

Polycotton or poly-cotton yarn is a special type of yarn blended with synthetic polyester and natural cotton. This means mixing cotton fibers with polyester fibers that are artificially made to create different blends. This type of yarn mixes the benefits of breathing, absorbency, and toughness of the cotton and the less wrinkling polyester feature.


We are also supplying quality poly-cotton yarns based on the choice of our customers. Some of the cotton yarn blends we offer include poly cotton 52/48, 65/35, 40/60, 50/50, 55/45. Other than these, blends can be customized at the customer’s request.


Our poly-cotton blends are becoming more popular because of being stronger, more customizable, and more versatile than the regular 100% cotton yarn. The uses of poly-cotton vary greatly. So, the poly-cotton yarn is used mainly in knitting, weaving, making specialized fleece, etc. Our polyester and cotton blend, poly-cotton yarn, is popular in clothing. The lighter-weight blends are often used for blouses and shirts, while the heavier ones are used for pants, skirts, or fall wear. The most popular poly cotton yarn blend is a 50/50 and 65/35 ratio because of its durability and breathability.


Other than this, poly-cotton yarn is also used in the textile industry to make bed sheets, pillows, exhibition canvases, and tablecloths. Abtex International poly cotton yarn is thus a durable and strong yarn and can be used in different industries like the textile industry.


Abtex International is a poly cotton yarn manufacturer and supplier all over the world.

We are supplying Poly cotton yarns in different blends as per requirements of the customers.


Poly Cotton Yarn Blends:

  • Poly Cotton 52/48
  • Poly Cotton 65/35
  • Poly Cotton 40 / 60
  • Poly Cotton 50 / 50
  • Poly Cotton 55 / 45
  • Other special blends are available on request

Poly Cotton Yarn Count Range:

  • Ne 10s to Ne 40s in Ring Spun Carded and Combed

End Use of Poly Cotton Yarn:

  • Weaving
  • Knitting
  • Specialized Fleece Knitting yarn is also available in counts Ne 10s, Ne 12s, Ne 14s, Ne 16s


  • Pallet
  • Carton
  • PP Bag

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