Another good quality yarn that you can find here is the mock twist yarn that refers to the twisting of the yarn in the rows of slubbing and moving. This gives the yarn a look at the closeness of this fiber used. Mock twist yarn is also known as Twisted yarn.


Talking about this yarn type, the fiber rigidity will depend on the number of twists in each inch. The more the twist of yarns, the harder the thread of the yarn looks. Our mock yarn can be twisted in two different styles, the “S” style and the “Z” style.


The higher the twists on the mock twist yarn, the better the handling, wearing properties, and moisture absorption will be. The fabric woven with our mock twist yarn will be more rigid and strong; therefore, giving a firm grip and better handling. Moreover, less water absorption also results from this rigidity.


More twists of this yarn will make it tight and fixed, making it stronger and more durable. Also, reduces the risk of the stitches splitting. In this way, the stitches are also easy to work with. Our mock twist yarn is used commercially for industrial sewing purposes. Nevertheless, you will find the true yarn blended to get a more suitable outlook with the mock yarn. Ahead of just the creation of this year, it is gaining importance because of its durability, rigidity, and promising results. While now, the true yarn has been replaced with a mock twist yarn that gives a similar look but with higher quality and durability.


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