Core spun yarn is a type of yarn where another yarn wraps the first base yarn. Our core-spun yarns or poly core yarns are created when the central filament core is twisted with staple fibers made of polyester to give extra strength. We deal with different types and blends of core-spun yarns that also go by the name stretched or lycra yarns. We offer the types of core-spun yarn: cotton core spun, poly-cotton core spun, modal core spun, Tencel core spun, Triblend core spun, 100% polyester core spun, and slub core-spun.


The making process of the core-spun yard adds around 40 to 50% strength in it than the usual spun yard weighing the same. Since core-spun yarns are more stretchy, durable, and strong, it is most popularly used in the textile industry for sewing. Our core-spun yarns are exceptionally durable and ideal for wash and wear with the permanent press.


Since these yarns are usually fire-resistant, they also make fire barriers for furniture and mattresses. Our core-spun yarn is one of the most widely used yarns with a polyester core and cotton skin. The versatility of use makes Core-spun yarns suitable for designing work clothes, school uniforms, shirts, bathrobe fabrics, decorative fabrics, and sheets. Generally, a synthetic fiber filament with good elasticity and strength is used as the yarn’s core with wool, cotton, or viscose spun yard being spun by twisting.


Type of core spun Yarns:

  • Cotton Core Spun
  • Poly Cotton Core Spun
  • Tencel core Spun
  • 100% Polyester Core Spun
  • Triblend Core Spun
  • Slub Core Spun
  • Modal Core spun

Core Spun filaments:

Core Spun Yarns are available with Lycra brand, as well as other brands Spandex as well as with Cotton+Spandex+Polyester Dinier

What is Core Spun Yarn?

A Yarn in which a base yarn is wrapped by a second yarn is known as Core Spun Yarn.  We are dealing in Core spun yarns in various blends and types. Core spun yarns are also known as Lycra yarn or stretched yarns. We our yarn manufacturer and supplier.

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