• Grey melange yarn

What is Grey Melange Yarn?

The demand for grey melange yarn is increasing in the denim and knitwear industry as this color is unique and rare. But still, many people are unaware of what grey mélange is and its production. When we grow up and start to focus on what we wear, our priority is the color of the denim, and then we look for

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What is Core Spun Yarn?

The method of core-spinning involves twisting fibers around an existing yarn to create a shell core structure with the already produced yarn as the core. Putting it simply, core spun yarn is manufactured by twisting staple fibers around a central filament core, which is often comprised of polyester for added strength. Core spun yarn has two parts: the center and

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Yarn Expo Shanghai – Autumn 2019

We will be Exhibiting at Yarn Expo Autumn - Shanghai 2019, meet us at: Booth # G44, from 25 September – 27 September 2019 Hall 8, National Exhibition and Convention Center 1888 Zhuguang Road (Shanghai), China

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Everything to know about Jaspe Yarn

The technique of Jaspe Yarn is nothing more than making moorings or knots to certain proportions of threads where the different designs are formed and then, after being dyed, those moorings or knots are removed and the drawing remains as a negative. There is a great variety of designs. Let us know more about Jaspe Yarn: Jaspe Yarn Definition: Anyone

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Over rule of mock twist yarn in Textile Industry

Textile industry is facing more and more improvisation in the fabrication and yarn development. With respect to the yarn twisting methodology involved in yarn, new inventions including apparatus and the method of handling are dealt in detail over internet. Generally, it is important to know what mock twist yarn is. How it is influenced in textile industry? What replaces the

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Best Quality Martial Arts Fabric

Martial art is the system of coded tradition and style of practicing self-defense and other sources of defense mechanism. Specific style is owned for practicing the martial arts including the fabric material which also tend to own its style. And the martial arts fabric is designed specifically with unique style for the practicing purpose. Different types of fabric material are

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