Judo skills were first created by Kano Jigoro based on physical, moral and mental Pedagogy. In fact, it was just a defensive art that was, with the passage of time, evolved as a fighting. Judo also holds the award for being an Olympic game. Every game has its own particular dress that relates the sport the wearer belongs to. In the same way, Judo Uniform Fabric is the first modern martial arts training uniform that is an epitome of discipline, attitude, skill and defensive trend. Judo Uniform Fabric usually comprises three parts cut in various fabrics.

Diamond Weave

Double Plus Diamond Weave

Pearl Plus Diamond Weave

Single Plus Diamond Weave


We offer judo uniform fabric in finished form ready for garment production.

Judo Fabric Weaves Weight
Single Weave 400 ~ 550 GSM
Single Weave with Diamond Texture 400 ~ 550 GSM
Double Weave 450~950 GSM
Double Weave with Diamond Texture 450~950 GSM
Pearl Weave 400 ~ 550 GSM
Twill Weave 250~300 GSM
Ribstop Weave 250~300 GSM


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