We offer a great range of injection yarn blends and patterns, which we are sure everyone will love. Moreover, if you want something different, we can set the patterns according to your requirement. The injection slub yarn is a unique and fancy yarn with a special structure. The making of this yarn includes an injection that injects different types of colored fibers. The unique thing about our injection slub yarn is that it leaves an aesthetic and enhanced fabric.


Our injection slub yarn is a very fancy yarn made of two different materials: the “base yarn” and the “slub portion.” The production of this yarn type is the injection of a slub portion at random over when it runs the base yarn. Our unique technique of injection slub yarn makes the fabric very attractive and unique at an economical price.


The process includes twisting two yarns together and injecting short fibers to add a flame effect where needed. We do experiments by adjusting the yarn’s distance, length, or thickness to create interesting effects on the fiber. This unique style of slub yarn is creatively used in fabric production. Since injected slub yarns are not as tightly twisted as the other parts of the thread, they tend to be softer and thicker than the rest. Therefore, our injection slub yarn is a unique kind of yarn used to give an aesthetic appeal to the fabric.


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