Gassed Mercerized Yarn

100% Cotton combed Gassed Mercerized yarn in Raw Dyed as well as Dyed.

Count range for Gassed Mercerized Yarn:

  • Ne 8/2,  Ne 8/3
  • Ne 10/2, Ne 10/3
  • Ne 12/2, Ne 12/3
  • Ne 16/2, Ne 16/3
  • Ne 20/2, Ne 30/2,Ne 32/2, Ne 40/2
  • Ne 44/2, Ne 50/2, Ne 60/2, Ne 80/2, Ne 100/2
  • Ne 110/2, Ne 120/2

End use of Gassed Mercerized Yarn:

  • High quality Knitting
  • Weaving – Shirting as well as other woven garments
  • High quality towels
  • Socks
  • Sweaters


Combed Gassed Mercerized (CGM) yarn are available in Cones as well as Hanks. Packing is available in Carton, and Pallets. The Cone size or Hank size is 1kg.

The yarn is available in Grey as well as dyed. For colors, we can offer based on the PANTONE #s. The lot sizes are available in 144kg and 288kg.

We our yarn supplier & manufacturer and deliver as per customers demand worldwide.

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