We are dealing with range of PFD Fabrics and can provide all below mentioned fabrics:

  • Bleached White Fabrics
  • PFD: Prepared for Dyeing Fabric
  • PFGD: Prepared for Garment Dyeing (with controlled shrinkage)
  • PFP: Prepared for Printing (with and without controlled shrinkage)

What is PFD Fabric?

PFD fabric is a ready-made fabric used for making clothes or garment. A PFD Fabrics is cleaned, treated to prevent shrinkage, dyed, bleached to remove grease, and finished with high quality finishing. PFD FabricsD has high stability in the laundry process which can last for years. PFD Fabrics has high color fastness in the washing process which can last for years without fading or bleeding color.

Our other products includes Judo Fabric / Martial Arts Fabrics, Pocketing Fabrics & Dyed Fabrics

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