Mouline yarn is one of our amazing collections available with and without slubs. While this is mainly a 50/50 blend but to ensure customer satisfaction, we offer customized orders with different blend ratios as per the choice of our customers. Mouline yarn is a unique type of yarn created by twisting various fibers together to enhance its texture. Furthermore, a combination of different colors of fibers creates a premium quality mouline yarn.


We offer our Mouline yarn black and white, especially while the base is polyester/raw cotton material. The long, gassed, combed cotton fibers give it a great luster and softness, giving you soft and comfortable fabric. Moreover, all strands are easily separatable because of combed fibers to give your embroidery a required fluffy texture.


Abtex International is a company that never ignores our customers’ needs; therefore, we bring unlimited colors in mouline yarn so you can pick one according to your work demand. Moreover, due to a huge color range, you get several shades of a single color to help you create a beautiful color transition.


Mauline yarn is a very suitable choice for smocking, hand embroidery, and other such needlework creations. When twisted and turned together, these yarns give an elegant look and feel, making them suitable for different uses like knitting, sewing, crocheting, weaving, embroidery, etc.


To provide a perfect blend of beauty and quality, all mouline yarn production has been done under the supervision of experts so you can experience a premium service.


Abtex International is a mouline yarn manufacturer and supplier all over the world.


Feel free to contact us with your requirements of Mouline Yarns and we will be pleased to offer you our best competitive prices.

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