GRS certified fiber Supplier Manufacturer Abtex
GRS certified fiber Supplier Manufacturer Abtex

GRS certified fiber is a unique and environment-friendly product that we offer. Being economical and environmentally friendly, these recycled fibers are used in different areas and fields of life. Our GRS-certified fibers are reliable and guarantee quality. Therefore, are are well recognized by our customers.

Why GRS Certified Fiber?

The GRS certification, short for Global recycling standard, is a system designed to ensure the proper tractability of a recycled product. Now, people are getting more interested in using eco-friendly products. Resulting in higher demand for GRS certified fiber. GRS certified fibers are used to make yarn and fabric that is sustainable. The GRS certification of the thread shows that the products are made of recycled materials.

Which Fiber Can be GRS Certified?

The most common materials of sustainable fiber include wool, linen, cotton, silk, Tencel, bamboo, and recycled jeans fiber. Moreover, our GRS-certified fiber is entirely safe for the environment, so you won’t have to worry about harming the environment in any way with our products. The low carbon footprint of this fiber minimizes environmental harm. With our experience, we only deliver quality GRS certified fiber that undergoes strict testing processes to meet the quality standards & ends up as recycled denim yarn. These unique fibers are used in the textile industry to make various types of environmental-friendly yarns and fabrics becoming more popular over the years.

Use of GRS Certified Fiber?

Our fiber is used in producing GRS Certified Yarn. Being a GRS certified fiber supplier & manufacturer, we understand the quality parameters your mill need to run our fiber & product quality yarn. Eventually, the fiber we supply is used in making of GRS certified garments which confirms that the components used are environmental friendly.

We are GRS Certified Fiber supplier and manufacturer. Feel free to contact us with your requirements of GRS Certified Fiber and we will be pleased to offer you our best competitive prices.

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