Pique Knitted Fabric
Pique Knitted Fabric

In the world of textiles, pique knitted fabric stands out for its unique texture, durability, and versatility. Its known for its distinct raised patterns and breathability.Pique fabric has gained popularity in various applications, from clothing to home furnishings.

Pique knitted fabric is a type of knitted fabric that features a three-dimensional texture created by the deliberate variation in stitch patterns. It is characterized by its raised, geometric or textured patterns, which are formed using a combination of knitting techniques such as jacquard, tuck, or miss stitches. Piqué fabric can be produced with different fibers, including cotton, polyester, and blends, each offering unique properties and applications.

The production of piqué knitted fabric involves the use of specialized knitting machines. These machines are capable of creating specific stitch structures and patterns to achieve the desired texture. The process typically starts with the selection of appropriate yarns, which are then fed into the knitting machine. The machine is set to perform the required knitting techniques, incorporating variations in stitch sizes, loops, or patterns. This creates the raised, textured surface characteristic of piqué fabric. After knitting, the fabric may undergo additional finishing processes, such as washing or dyeing, to enhance its appearance and performance.

Pique fabric’s raised patterns provide a unique texture that adds depth and visual interest to garments and home textiles. Knitting structure allows for excellent breathability and airflow. It is also known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. The structure of the fabric provides added strength, making it suitable for garments that require longevity and frequent use.

Pique knitted fabric is widely used in the production of polo shirts, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts. Its breathable nature, durability, and visual appeal make it a popular choice for casual and sportswear

We offer wide range of GSM depending on your requirement in any pantone color. Our minimum order qty is 250kg/color.

Finishing :

• Open Width

• Tubular




• ROT (Roll On Tube)

• Pleated 



Abtex Intl Ltd is a manufacturer & supplier of pique knitted fabric from Pakistan. We offer wide range of fleece fabric quality in different GSM depending on our customer’s requirement. We offer unparalleled service & competitive pricing.


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