Jaspe yarn is another amazing product that Abtex International has for you. This unique yarn is made by knotting or mooring specific parts of the threads where unique patterns are created. When the knots or mooring are removed after being dyed, unique patterns are created specifically for the jaspe yarn.


Our yarn is classified into three parts, artificial, natural, or synthetic. If it comes from an animal or natural fibers without undergoing any chemical changes, it is natural, and if any chemical change is involved, it becomes artificial. If this yarn is coming from oil and is chemically changed in the process, it is categorized as synthetic. Natural jaspe yarn can be beneficial for the environment and our health.


While making this unique yarn, two different yarns of cotton are dyed. Our jaspe yarns are soft and gentle; therefore, a material made with this yarn feels soft when touched with the skin. Our range of jaspe yarn includes Siro melange yarn, mouline yarn, and silo slub melange yarn.


Jaspe yarn is versatile and can be made in different textures and weights. This unique yarn has versatile uses, including upholstery, bedding, blankets, draperies, surgical and medical supplies, binding, and other accessories like bags and shoes. So, this type of yarn tends to be popular for the consumer. On the flip side, natural jaspe yarn is wrinkled more easily and requires special maintenance after being washed. So, while it may be a little hard to maintain but it makes comfortable fabric. Jaspe is yet another yarn that we offer of the best quality.


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