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PC combed yarn is a premium textile material known for its superior quality and performance. It is produced through a meticulous process that involves removing short fibers and impurities, resulting in a smoother and stronger yarn.


Moreover, PC combed yarn exhibits excellent strength, durability, and enhanced dye absorption, making it ideal for creating high-quality fabrics. With its versatility and exceptional properties, PC combed yarn is widely used in various textile applications, including apparel, home furnishings, and industrial textiles.


Abtex Intl Ltd is a reliable supplier of PC combed yarn. With over 25+ years experience, we are able to offer very competitive pricing, timely shipments & quality controlled goods to ensure that we play a valuable role in our customers supply chain. We also offer PC combed yarn with GRS certificate making it GRS Certified Yarn.

PC Combed Yarn Count range:

  • Ne 4s to Ne 120s
  • Available in 2ply & 3ply

PC Combed Yarn Blends:

  • PC 52/48 : 52% Polyester 48% Combed Cotton
  • PC 60/40 : 60% Polyester 40% Combed Cotton
  • PC 65/35 : 65% Polyester 35% Combed Cotton
  • PC 70/30 : 70% Polyester 30% Combed Cotton
  • PC 80/20 : 80% Polyester 20% Combed Cotton


  • PP Bag
  • Carton
  • Pallet

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