We also have a great collection of Open-ended yarn/OE yarn. This type of yarn is made without a spindle, and in fact, we create it with the rotor spinning method and use short fibers. These are placed in a rotor that rotates at high speed. Open-end yarn is then created by the continuous pulling of the yarn that extends to the rotor. This yarn is a very economical option and is created by the evaluation of the shortest cotton fibers.


To ensure the integrity and durability of the yarn, we ensure to make several twists, more than the ring system, to give a harder structure and look. We offer open-end yarn bulkier, more extendable, and more absorbent by nature.


Open-end yarn is produced in the highest quality and has a soft feel and a very flat structure, along with high absorbancy. These features combined make this yarn the best to be used in shirts, women’s clothes, underwear, and top-quality beddings. Open-end yarns are coarser in texture than ringspun yarns.


The drawback of this method, the open-end spinning method to create open-end yarn, is that it is coarser and fuzzier, leading to poor wear resistance. This is because the spiral fiber on the yarn surface makes it rough. In the open-end yarn, the number of twists is higher. It, therefore, gives a stronger, harder structure to be used in clothing materials like underwear, women’s clothes, top-quality beddings, etc. Our collection of open-end yarns is high-quality and durable.


Abtex International is a open-end yarn manufacturer and supplier all over the world.

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