Our Cotton and Acrylic Blend Yarn is a suitable yarn choice for those searching for comfort and durability together. Cotton is a natural fiber, whereas acrylic is a synthetic fiber. In this blend, cotton and acrylic are blended in different ratios like 75/25, 60/40, 50/50, etc. The most common blending ratios used for making most items with this yarn are P/C 50/50 and 65/35.


Our cotton acrylic blend is just the right combination to make your fabric soft, warm, durable, and comfortable. The acrylic gives warmness, softness, and durability, while the cotton offers comfort. A unique combination like this makes the fabric light yet durable.


Acrylic Blend Yarn is a versatile yarn used for multiple purposes, including dress wear, knitwear, baby’s clothing, garments, pajama outfits, lightweight tops, and blankets or sheets. Our cotton acrylic blend makes it easier to use in crochet and knitting. This yarn is breathable; therefore, it is used for kids’ items and winter wear.


Because of the comfort and durability offered by our cotton acrylic blend, the fabric remains more warm and comfortable yet light as well.


We also have a range of the highest quality acrylic blends, including acrylic blends with viscose, cotton, and polyester. The cotton acrylic blend yarn gives you softness, durability, and warmth all in one place. While acrylic is a light, soft and cheap yarn, cotton yarn is breathable and soft, and the combination of both is the best you can get for achieving softness and durability together.


Acrylic Blend Yarns blended with CottonPolyester or Viscose to have a nice acrylic feel in the product. The Yarn count can be produced from Ne 10s to Ne 40s.


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